is all friend,s are like that........?

January 8, 2007 2:12pm CST
I can,t get a good frind of mine in ma whole life......With him/her i can share ma all problem,s related to any topic....Whenevr i found a friend he/she left me in the way...Like....(1)-Some yer,s ago i had a friend(girl).Due to some reson,s we stopped the conversation for two yer,s....She came in ma life again but she was changed that,s y i cant stay with her with new idea,s... (2)-One of ma cousin(male),whom i was considering ma good frined of ma life.....But due to some family clash he cahnged..I even not talked to him about that clash.....(3)-The last one is ma black friend(male).He did the same...
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• Australia
9 Jan 07
Good friends are definately hard to find, my husband is my best friend. People change all of the time, although friends "true friends" stay regardless. I think you need to be a little more assertive ,sounds as though people are taking advantage of what you have to offer and then throw it away when something better comes along... Keep your chin up and keep true to yourself, there is someone out there for you that is and will be a "True Friend) they creep out of the wood work when you least expect it. Your Friend knightsangel69
@adnanmd2 (830)
9 Jan 07
Hey its better you first observe your friend and then move the hand for friendship.. just dont beleive on anyone.. coz many things have happened to you coz of it na thats why. just see for two months of Time.. I m sure it will work out
• India
10 Jan 07
I really agree with you. You just can't take people as they are and expect them to really true friends. Because there are so many people who just try to pull you down. and once they spot these kind of people they go at full force and make sure you end up being it the worst person in the block.
@CatEyes (2449)
• United States
11 Jan 07
Yea, I think that in this day and age you have to be very picky about friends. It seems that everytime I think I have made a friend, they backstabb me or talk about me behind my back. I usualy stick with those who I "think" share my same views and moral, but come to find out they were just using me to make them feel better about themselves. God example. My brother in law (husbands bro) started dating this girl who was 10 yrs older than he is and was divorced 3x already (he is catholic and his family is very judgmental) she was feeling out of place, and pretty much like a heel so I befreiended her. She got preslgnant when the weekend I got married (she was a brides maid), and started to get mean (even before she got preg, but it became worse). She started making fun of me, about my weight (very tiny) and how stupid I was, she ganged up on me with her friends. convinced others I had a eating problem when I had colits, sd that I never kept my word etc.. She sd some very hurtfull things, she even went so far as to dare me infront of every one to eat a chip (she would give me 5 dollars if I would do it), but because of the greese in chips I could not eat it "colitis", and just kept on taunting me over and over. no one forgot, and not one person not even my husband took up for me. So some people are just mean to the bone and I suggest you never give any one amunition to hurt you.
@stonehr (818)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
9 Jan 07
It's quite hard to find very good friend in our todays world.. The best friend can be someone who grow up with You, After You grow no chance to find the best friend for you, only one person in your mariage or relationship can be your best friend. Why is that? Everyone want some interest from friendship.Yes it's sad to hear it but it's true....
@MySpot (2602)
• United States
9 Jan 07
The key to making good friends, is being one. A friend is a friend even through time and change. They are accepting of your flaws and respect your decisions even if they are not their own. A good friend is someone you can confide in and trust with your deepest secrets or feelings. A good friend can be counted on in your time of need. They are never to busy to console you. They love you unconditionally. My hubby is my best friend in the World. I also have a girlfriend who I call my best friend, since Kindergarten. We have grown a lot and we hold different religious and political beliefs and views but we also have a lot in common. She has been my closest friend for many years.
@brightsea (141)
• India
9 Jan 07
Hey try to smile. a lot of people do feel this (I'm included :D) one second you will have friend whom you can just blow up to and the next you will find them hanging around with someone else. people keep changing because of situations. I had a friend whom I trusted and respected and now everything is down the drain and since my friend swithched college I can't even speak to him and now his attidude in life has changed drastically. sad to say everyone is on the wrong side of him. Sorry to ask but this is what is my main drawback but are you shy or someting. Because I am so shy I am always sitting alone in class friendless. people are like this. people change because of many situations, and one minute they will talk behind your back. It is pretty hard to trust people. besides it is your road which you end up walking alone in life. (sorry about my cribbing)
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
what kind of friend are you? are you like that to your friends, If you ask whether ALL friends are like that, think about you as a friend, in one way or another you are also a friend to someone, Are you like that? Then go back to your original question. If your anser is no, then there must also be some friends who are like you, you just have not met them yet. If you answer yes, then perhaps friends are all like that.
@BigBenas (944)
• Lithuania
8 Jan 07
Yes somthimes all friends is weard and there is friends that realy don't care about you . They just whant to use you like a toy then trow out the window . And when they need they just pull you from**** they addet to . I think friends need to pick realy carfully .:( Because i think there aren't people who hase friends .