Izrael attacks again ?

@BigBenas (944)
January 8, 2007 3:24pm CST
raqi officials say gunmen have ambushed a bus carrying workers to Baghdad's international airport, killing at least nine people and wounding about 10 others. Officials say most of the passengers were Shi'ite Muslims. The bus was passing through a Sunni district of western Baghdad Monday at the time of the incident. In other violence, Iraqi authorities say security forces killed 23 militants in a series of raids in Baghdad since Sunday. The U.S. military also said Monday two American soldiers were killed in combat Sunday in separate incidents north of Baghdad. President Bush is expected to unveil a new Iraq policy later this week. The plan is expected to include a call for additional U.S. forces to be sent to Baghdad to help end the violence there. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today his government does not plan to change troop numbers in Iraq, but supports moves to improve security in the country. A report Monday in "The New York Times" says Mr. Bush's new Iraq strategy also will set a series of goals for the Iraqi government to meet to stabilize the country. The Times says the U.S. "benchmarks" will call for Iraqi leaders to draw more Sunni Muslims into the political process and ease restrictions on members of the formerly ruling Baath Party. The paper quotes senior U.S. officials as saying Mr. Bush also will call for Iraq's government to finalize a long-delayed policy on distributing oil revenues among Iraq's various ethnic groups. The Times says the U.S. officials did not specify what penalties Iraq might face for failing to achieve the goals. what do you think of that ? they realy **** me of !!!!
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