Are you for real and am I?

January 8, 2007 6:07pm CST
Treasure I can count? my brother... my life Real Friends, True people And I'm so lucky to have them around. My S.F.C. & GK Family. I already new I don't prefer having material things though it was fun to count on my thoughts. But only to that. I serve God, because it is my calling. But I was wrong at times i got rotten to some people I plan to help, and neglected it. I do admit my faults and I'm still smiling looking back at it. I'm not perfect. Hey! come on imperfection is the perfect mold of human creation. Some say Hey! Diane you go to these worship and charity, but it seems you never change anything. Your still a bad girl We used to know. Then I didn't said anything at all. When I got home I talk to God and ask God why. First things draw from my head are: I go there coz with them I'm with my real friends, I feel the presence of God! He is with me. And no matter how I tried to reach and talk to him alone. It's still different in the house of God. Specially with the prayers of other brother's and sisters caring for you. I know they love me and I love them too. What you see is what you get! AND I'm very much thankful that with them I have known him. I'm not the only person living on this earth. And to how much I care for myself. I learn to notice other people even I don't know them. All of us have problems, it never fails to exist. Even I can't take to touch my own prob and solve it. I'm doing the best I can for my brother. Honestly, to my other family members to him I would not think twice to die for my brother. To others I might have, coz who's gonna protect & take care of him. I'm really onioned skin when it comes to family matters. I'm falling tears and wiping my glasses now. My brother have been to a lot. My brother is special, late emotionally, but very intelligent one. He got kicked out several X, or he'll transfer to another. One is his teacher send him out of their school gate, didn't care about his situation and being a toddler. It was late when he speak the teacher have been using knife to scare him. Get his schoolmates food and give it to their patron in the house. Another was my brother infront of several teachers. The teacher gave him a magazine and took it from him meanly just to show them that he has a student crying & shouting. More now, in his new school some mean koreans hurts him. He got bruises. My mom as a witness of these high school girls called up my bro, make him a clown. And when my bro was so pissed. He said he'll go there was a hit from his back. My mom did not do anything even just to confront them or send them to guidance or whatever. The hs guidance did not take any actions as well. My brother in his conditions has a hard time telling the truth. He tend to switch the story and he got to be the bad one. Unless you try to listen and understand him well. I got a fight with my mom that night. And my bro ask me not come. He said i might just brought to trouble because of my temper. I cried for several days. And I just pray to God. I believe him. I thank him an enemy has become his friend. I thank the guy and I thank him more. And even he still has a lot of other teasers to face I know that the one up above is guiding him. Dancing20baby20animated God says: I know how tired you've been busy, i know you've been tired. Even though you didn't have time with me I will be always there to look forward having time with you today.
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