Youtube banned from out Local Universities (Philippines)

@bmjut247 (171)
January 8, 2007 7:31pm CST
I have recently found out that our local universities have also banned youtube by blocking it from ever being accessed from within their intranets. Hmm... is this a good news or what? I had once experienced the effect of youtube's video streaming when we had an online exam. the traffic was so dense that we were unable to complete the exam. it was later found out thet the network suffered from heavy traffic caused by multiple video streams that came from youtube. of course, those who accessed the site were reprimanded. I like youtube, personally, but when it comes to academics, i go for the latter. Cheers everyone. :-)
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@martzkie (110)
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
The local Universities has the right to block the site if they think the site will not help the acedemics of the students. You are enrolled in that university and you are expected to study. You can use the intranet for research and browsing other site that can help in your academic development. Unless you think that YouTube is very informational that necessary needed in your studies to have the right also to request the university to allow you to access youtube. If you are an employee of the University and other companies they have the right to block youtube because you are expected to do job and not browsing youtube that will waste the companies time in your working hours. You can still access youtube in your free time at the internet cafes or at home.