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January 8, 2007 10:03pm CST
I use it a lot in pasta and in sandwiches and i have seen a big decline in my red meat intake as a result. Tuna can help keep a healthy heart and I think tastes great either on its own or with mayo or other sauces. It is low in fat and rich in good oils. And it is also cheap and filling. If anyone has not tried it yet then give it a go. I started eating tuna only three years ago after years of turning my nose up at it. The health benefits and cost make me wonder why I left it so long.
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9 Jan 07
Plus, it's a great cheap source of healthy protein. I don't like the taste too much, but it's God's way of punishing athletes for being cheap :P I didn't used to eat it, but now I do - I put effort into tolerating it, and found that I actually didn't mind it as much as I used to. I'm glad, now - I have a much cheaper protein source now for more muscle!
9 Jan 07
that is 1 of the best things about it cheap i normally eat it before training with a carb rich food so i just mix them together an get it dont fast
9 Jan 07
it dose taste nice i wouldent say rich in good oil though at 0.06grams per 100 grams its 1 of the lowest in fish at 23.8grams per 100grams it is 1 of the highest in protein