why do people smoke or drink knowing it harms themself and spendng their own mon

January 9, 2007 1:08am CST
can anyone tell me why they do so??
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@trixyteddy (1072)
• India
9 Jan 07
yeah well few ppl do it coz they think it will attract girls! P.S GROW UP! Anyways the others do it to basically to show off or to stay with friends that do the same. Why?? Get new and better friends or if you want those guys itself change them! Be yourself.
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
9 Aug 07
I understood why people did so years ago before we knew the dangers, especially of smoking. When I was growing up, we all smoked. It make us "grown up". Back then, there were little warnings on packs but no one took them seriously. I only smoked for a couple years at the most and I was just 13 so I doubt I even really did smoke. I never drank but could have at 16 if I wanted to. No one cared in bars, etc. Now with the evidence so strong that smoking causes lung and other cancers and the high rate of liver damage and DWI accidents and deaths, I don't understand why anyone would start an unhealthy and expensive habit. I don't THINK smoking is as big as it was when I was a teen now in school (The teachers let us smoke during recess!) but it is still a problem. Drinking is more of one than it was I think. I think a lot is peer pressure and some is defiance. Smoking is so addictive that, if you try it a few times, you could end up a smoker without even meaning to and quitting is hard. Sometimes it is due to depression or nervousness. I just pray my own sons will shy away from both and stay healthy and safe. We don't smoke or drink so they can't say they are doing what we do. And from what I see, they don't have any interest. But only time will tell...
@carryli (876)
• China
9 Aug 07
This is because they have addictive, and if they one day without smoking or drinking, they will find it very difficult subject, they are impossible to control themselves, even if they know smoking and drinking would harm their physical health