What do you think about Saurab Gangully

January 9, 2007 1:57am CST
What do u think About Saurab Gangully? Can Saurab play world cup 2007.
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• India
9 Jan 07
hey sorry to just distract you but you know what i would like to say that now india is at the peak of its what we say bad form and it is not only that any of the one person is responsible for it. whether the qestion is: Q.should sourav be made the captain of the team? Q.is sourav giving the team what people were expecting after his come back? Q.sehwag is not playing good? Q.tendulkar out of form? Q.dravid took this or that decision wrong? Q.the coach is not good? Q.the coach is more a politician? Q.wrong decision of the board of taking this bowler in the team whereas the other one was required? Q.coach taking gangully case personal? ...... and many mre do not you people think that all what is happening is not good and what these people are doing is just decreasing their world cup chances? do not you think that it is not the problem with one person whole team is responsible? wrong strategies,bad form... what is this is this what indian team has to show to the world that we are the one?
@pvleroux (607)
9 Jan 07
I think he can play in the world cup. He is a good player. Just sorry for you that they lost against a stronger team which was South Africa.