Acid base balance

January 9, 2007 2:06am CST
Alcohol perse may depress respiration leading to respiratory acidosis. Hyperventilation during withdrawal might show alkalosis. There is a possibility of metabolic acidosis during the pre-comatose state of alcoholism. Alcohol might reduce urine osmolarity and cause initial diuresis. Urine concentration rises as blood alcohol levels fall, so a balance is maintained because of the release of the antidiuretic hormone. Beer drinkers can have hypernitraemia. if liver damager co-exists, higher antidiretic hormonal changes can cause water retention. Consequences of alcohol abuse on sodium and potassium are far more varible and less predictable. This balance is usually the result of vomiting and diarrohea rather than alcohol itself. Hypokalemia might result with muscular weakness and E.C.G. changes
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