Raising Money for Mukhtar Mai's Organization

United States
January 9, 2007 2:12am CST
I really would like your input on this. I feel very drawn to the cause of this young woman, and I want to help. As I am just a college student (a broke one) myself, my inital plan of flying to Pakistan seems to be a little misguided. I got the idea to fundraise online for 12 month through FirstGiving. My deal with the world will be that I will have one of her quotes (or maybe more) tatooed on myself when I was a certain amount of money for her organization. I thought the tattoo idea was unique and would generate good pr for the cause and help raise more money for her. Here is where I may have hit a snag, though. Although I am sure this would go over amazingly in America and probably raise a good deal of money... tattoos are fobidden in Islam because it is considered mutilation of the body. Would this, therefore, be in extremely bad taste and offensive and possibly hurt her cause by affiliation? Or do you think it wouldn't matter to her as the recipent at all?
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