Real Opinions About Britney and Kevin

United States
January 9, 2007 2:53am CST
Okay, I have to ask this. When it was first announced that Britney was getting a divorce, a lot of people were saying how great it was that she's getting rid of him, that he was dragging her down, etc. Now that she's been seen partying and drinking pretty much every weekend (and sometimes during the week) since they separated, flashed her bits and pieces all over the place and been a mess in general, do people feel the same way? Is it possible that Kevin was keeping Britney a little restrained while they were together? I mean, it's not like the girl was a saint when they got together. Or is she just acting out because she's upset about the split?
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12 Jan 07
Yea i do think Kevin was restraining Britney a little bit from doing the things she wanted. For eg, you never seen her out partying when she started dating him, yet you'd see him out! also, when they had their 1st child, i never saw once, a picture of him out with their baby Sean Preston, and they always pictured the child with Britney so he oviously hardly pulled his weight at all. Also, Britney was getting all the rpess about being a bad mother, what about him??? there was no word on him acting like a good father at all. At least Britney brought her kids out with her!
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27 Feb 07
Actually, there was never anything said about Kevin being a BAD father, because he's not. His ex-girlfriend has repeatedly said that. She's getting all the press about it because she's doing all these stupid things in public.
@coolcatzz (1587)
• Canada
9 Jan 07
I don't think that is the reason she is acting out. I think she should be happy about dropping such a loser. I didn't like him from the beginning. She could do so much better. She needs to smarten up though and be a better mother to her boys. Now I heard yesterday that they have come to an agreement for the month of January but they haven't decided on a long term arrangement. I don't think it's the kids he wants to see I think it is the money he wants.
• United States
9 Jan 07
He's not getting any more just for visiting them, though. I think his request for full custody was fishy, but watching her the past month or so, I'm not so positive it was. Seems like two babies might need a full-time parent at this point.
@danieldf (216)
• France
31 Jan 07
I really think that divorce is the better thing she could do
@SarahEC (545)
• United States
12 Jan 07
Yeah, that is what I thought, too. I was like 'yeah! Old Britney is going to come back!' when she was getting her divorce. Now she's even trashier than before. Hopefully she's just going through a crazy time in her life right now and she gets things straightened out. lol.
@kavita23 (2996)
• India
9 Jan 07
Kevin was not only Britneys backup dancer he also was one for Nsync and also when Justin Went on his solo career but yea they met when he was her backup dancer..... You would think she would of looked and J-Lo experience with her backup dancer and ran the other way lol!! HAPPY MYLOT DAY.