cricket dismissal

January 9, 2007 3:43am CST
In how many ways can a batsmen be given out a cricket game..?? Kindly mention the number and methods also..
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@plasma (675)
• India
9 Jan 07
1. caught out - the ball finds the fielder's hands before finding ground. the ball should touch the bat or anywhere upto the elbow. is also considered out if the ball touches anything else in the batsmen body and still travels directly to the fielder's hands 2. lbw (leg before wicket) - the bowler finds the batsman's pads (n some cases any part of the body) before the bat and if the ball is pitched in line with the line of the stumps, the party is over for the batter. 3. run out - reminds me of inzy and sourav. the stumps are taken out before the batsmen finds the crease 4. steve waugh dismissals - I forgot the name for this one but it's stevie special. here the batsmen is adjudged out if he obstructs the ball travelling to the stumps with his hands after the ball has been played Thanks
• India
10 Jan 07
thnks for the effort but wat abt clean blowed and time out.........
@abhiroop85 (2828)
• Scottsdale, Arizona
9 Jan 07
run out,hit wicket,catch out,stump out,bowled out,holding the ball,timed out.................. i do not think i have left any. have i?