can somebody give the right advice?

January 9, 2007 4:17am CST
i have a very strange problem with one of my begin with ,im not a person of hard rock liike heart,so if anybody(even my freind)teases me in a group, i will be hurt.on observing my weakness,one of my freind always teases me.what do i do?
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@shorva (923)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
i know it's not fun to be made fun of specially with guy friend, guys like to make fun of everybody in the world, it's a fact you can tell them to stop it but they really won't, so just try hard not to show your offended, just laugh at it or just say whatever!
@paulnet (748)
• India
9 Jan 07
just ignore them et all and move to another friend circle, some ppl often offend others in public to achieve that they are great. So simply avoid these kinda of friends, they are good for nothing.
@ILANEDRI (1922)
• Israel
9 Jan 07
I know how you feel. It doesn't feels so good to get tease with so many people are involved. I think you should take your friend to a talk and say to him how you feel when he's doing this. Tell him you got hurt, and if he still keeps on doing this, STOP being his friend. He doesn't deserve it! I hate those people that tease others just so they can feel so good with themselvs. I had a friend like this, so I just tease him back and I shut him up. But you are a diffrent person, so I think you should go talk to him and say what's on your mind. Good luck my friend :)