January 9, 2007 5:31am CST
I visited Taiwan last December and I found the place nice and beautiful. Imagine the climate were not so cold compare to china. The streets are clean.There are no traffic.Less crime.And if you want to visit a place wherein you can relax, shop and enjoy, the best place for me is Taiwn. Imagine every night there are nightmarket wherein you can buy anything you want cheaper than Hongkong.I'm planning to go back there by April.If you know some places that best for meditation will you pls. inform me so that I can decide if I will push through with my plans.
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• United States
20 Jan 07
I don't know what you mean by no traffic, there is TONS of traffic. Where were you, in the mountains? I've been in Taichung for about a month and there are tons of traffic here, mostly scooter traffic though. There is a great place to meditate if you can get there - long ride, you'd need a car. ChangChunZi, thats the best I can spell it . . . its in the Taroko gerge, which is magnificent just by itself!
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
I was in Taipei City, Shinchuang to be specific. I lived there for almost ten years. I know Taichung was very far, if you will consider Taipei as Taiwan's capital city. The weather in Taichung is extremely hot.You are near in Kaosiung which is very near to the Philippines. If you are still in Taiwan, why don't you try to visit Taipei City? And you will find yourself loving it and you will find the big differense of Taipei to Taichung. Taichung, even it is a city, it was surrounded by mountains and it was consider as one of the industrial zone, so imagine how was the pollution.If I were you I will go and visit Taipei City.
• China
13 Feb 07
I am from China,so I have not been to taiwan.I hope I can go to Taiwan soon.I know everything of taiwan from internet and TV.And I lide F4.