Is it necessary to impose lot of syllabus of social studies at high school level

January 9, 2007 8:39am CST
I prepare & motivate students for Indian Institute of Technology entrance examination right from 9th standard. Those students who are good in mathematics/science are suitable for preperation for such examination. While going through their syllabus I find that they are taught many books ubder social studies. These books are of Civics, Geography, History, Economics and disaster management.This puts lot of burden on students of that age group of 9th and 10th level in CBSE high school level examination. Lot of time of these students is consumed in cramming these subjects.What I feel is that these subjects might be necessary but either it sould be taught up to 8th level or with reducing the syllabus upto 10 level. All those who are concerned about their children are requested to give their opinion.
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