Do you think that French people are somewhat arrogant?

@CanemX (66)
January 9, 2007 12:57pm CST
French people are known to think that their cuisine is the best, their culture is the best, etc... They even think that they won WW2! hehehe Do you think that one of the characteristics of this nation is arrogance?
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@cognigen (121)
• Mexico
9 Jan 07
Perhaps it is enough to just say that Nicholas Chauvin was a Frenchman. From Wikipedia: "Chauvin's distinguished record of service and his love and devotion for Napoleon, which endured despite the price he willingly paid for them, earned him only ridicule and derision in post-Napoleonic France... He was made a mockery of in several plays which were produced for the original Vaudeville, including La Cocarde Tricolore (1831). Through the plays in which Cuauvin was made a character, the term "chauvinism" was coined as a term for excessive nationalistic fervor." In 1912 there was an international convention on civil aviation in Geneva Switzerland, where every country attending except for France voted that English was to become the international standard language for aviation. WHY OH WHY did we return France to the French after we liberated them at the end of WWII?? No gratitude -- and many of them have created such revisionist history that they believe THEY won the war, as you said!
• France
2 Jul 08
Well............... I'm French, I attended French schools. And you won't believe that : they didn't taught me that WE won the war!! And I don't understand we everybody here keep saying that we believe that because it'sfalse. We learn that the allied won, not the French, because we were under the occupation and Petain was in power.
@smbilalshah (1316)
• Pakistan
9 Jan 07
well i like france but id agree on this with u french are not just arogant they r just racist and besides they won the war? gimme a break they were like rescued from nazi occupation, Hitler even gave the orders to raise Paris to the ground. Recently we have seen a lot of ppl esp muslims in France complaining about discrimination in their jobs and schools etc and the proof is that look at their player like Zedane etc who had to change their muslim names just to avoid the discrimination they had to face professionally and socially
• France
2 Jul 08
Well, I desagree with you. It's a stereotype, and as we say in France : You mustn't put everyone in the same basket!! There are some racists as in all countries, no more, but unfortunately we speak more about dumb people than others. If someone can tell me why??
@clownfish (3277)
• United States
9 Jan 07
Hi! I think that's a stereotype. Who doesn't take pride in the country they live in? Sure, I've heard stories from friends who have traveled there, but how does it help things by perpetuating stereotypes about other nations?
• France
2 Jul 08
Thank you for your cleverness!!
@jess07 (319)
2 Jul 08
yeah i know what you're saying try living here in France its a great laugh!!lol Every time we have a world cup, UEFA cup,rugby cup (that one was hilarious) they think they are bound to win and when they lose its the other team that cheated! As for they're cooking i don't know where the rumour of good food comes from...unless you are a millionaire!lol As for ww2 don't freat they're still hurt that we had to save they're butt from hitler.they're get over day...
@piggyxoxo (169)
• Canada
15 Jul 07
i think that the french are nice. some of the people that work in the service industry in paris were very rude though (hmmm maybe because we are not required to tip?) and my bf did admit that french parisiens are rude (he's french) and the rest of france is nice and friendlty.
@aniez0906 (264)
• Indonesia
24 May 07
i think that's right...
@mshjv44 (147)
• France
7 May 07
it's not good to think of the people as a nation,that is just an 'old whifes tale' about the french being the best at one i know go about daily thinking they had anything to do with the end of ww2
• Italy
19 Apr 07
Mmmmmh...I don't think so... Well, not about the whole french nation. I worked and studied in France 20 years ago, not in Paris but in Burgundy where I met a lot of people from the small villages in the country... Well they were hard workers, friendly and hospitable people and I can't say that they were arrogant.
@seamonkey (1981)
• Ireland
1 Mar 07
I think the French acn appear arrogant, particularly on their political views. As a frequent guest in their country, I have found them as a people to be like any one else, some nice and some not so nice. I think the biggest help is to make a serious effort yourself to be polite and to speak the language to the best of your ability. I have had nothing but good experiences in France.
@emsr2d2 (60)
9 Jan 07
I think you'll find that most nationalities believe that they are the best at everything, and can do no wrong! A friend of mine has a small holiday home in a very rural village in the middle of France, and we have found the locals to be incredibly friendly. They are very welcoming, and can't do enough to help. It may help that my friend (and I) speak French - I wouldn't dream of going to another country without learning at least a few basic phrases, but even so, the locals have been just lovely. I think maybe in major cities they may get a little fed up with tourists taking over the streets in the summer, refusing to speak French etc so perhaps they come across as arrogant, but probably if you get to know individuals you'll find that they are just normal, everyday people!