my testimony part 1

United States
January 9, 2007 1:52pm CST
Angels have been around watching...maybe? Just in case y'all don't know; I'm a single mom of an 11 year old boy that I've homeschooled from day one. I'm also divorced 11 years;my mother has been close in the picture for the last 10 years. I've been blessed all this time and I know it. In 1985,I was 11 years old,and the enemy was after us with full force. He sent a man to my mother that was pedofile ready,and could hide it from the public. This man worked for 2 years building a case against a little girl,just to attempt what pedofiles do{without ging into gruesome detail} He also had two sons that pushed me into an eating disorder that lasted for 5 years. I blamed my mother;the enemy ripped our mother-daughter relationship into pieces. I turned to ANY one that would allow me to think that they'd 'fix' my life. My first marriage at 18,was to a boy that I thought would do just that. Y'all know the rest of that story{ if it starts out NOT looking to the Lord and HIS will, then that's that!} I even tried a second marriage{to a convicted murderer,unbeknownst to me until I was running for my life and my 6 month old baby}. Needless to say, I've been alone ever since. OK, not alone, thanks to Jesus. It took me SO long to finally pull my head outta my rump and realize that HE is all I need! Yes, I'm a stubborn, bull headed mule The Lord's been teaching me to look to HIM,and nothing else. I'm here today to praise and watch fruition come about; I now get to look ahead in the next few weeks knowing that the Lord is SO far beyond awsome that I can't possibly do hil glory justice. I get to take care of my mother and son through the Lords' will....OK,gonna stop for now or I'll be here blubbering for an Take heart,HE is there; sometimes..OK all the time,we can't always see the big picture from above as HE does. Just trust HIM,and be like the child sitting in his lap{it's so cool to know that HE is taking care of all of it}. Have a blessed day, Lela
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