What women can hardly do without

@ilunice (947)
January 9, 2007 2:10pm CST
What is that thing that women can hardly do without? Almost every time I go out, walking on the street or sitting in a bus, tram or metro, I always see one or more ladies looking at the miror with paint brush on their hands. Then I wonder if they could ever do without these make-belief tools. Now to you all, is their any other thing women can hardly do without?
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• Philippines
10 Jan 07
Hmmm..were most of those women you observed with a mirror and with paint brush on their hands the hot looking ones? hehhe.. I haven't been one who's used to carrying a purse or a handbag around with me, since I find it restrictive and my clumsiness might just make me forget those that I brought with me. Usually though, the vanity items I wouldn't want to forget are the lip gloss, atomizer with my current perfume and a little comb, all of which I can conveniently put into any one of my pockets.
• Singapore
10 Jan 07
LOL! no i dont...sometimes i may go out of my house without putting on make up also! but this is a good point...i'm very particular with smell...so i would say is that i can hardly do with my perfume...
@brokentia (10396)
• United States
10 Jan 07
You said it. A woman can not do without a mirror. Sorry...but true. A mirror is used to pluck the brows but also to apply makeup. We look in a mirror to do our hair and to see how we look in the clothes we have chosen to wear...or not wear for that sake because of what the mirror reflected. We use a mirror to look and see if we have racoon eyes or to see if we washed all the makeup we applied from using a mirror. LOL A mirror is used as a quick glance to check if our makeup is okay or if we have broccoli stuck in our teeth from lunch before a meeting with a client...that we are going to have to smile whether we want to or not. A mirror can also be used to peer over our shoulder behind us to see if he is looking at us. But best of all, a mirror is used to look at ourselves and tell ourselves that we are beautiful, inside and out!!! Now, the next thing we can't do without is makeup and shoes!!! LOL But i don't think you want me to go into why we can't do without though either. LOL
@Sailor (1161)
• United States
10 Jan 07
Yes, but it is not material, it is not knowing what someone else is thinking about them. It drives most women I know up the wall not to be able to find things out.