drummania, an arcade that is really enjoyable..

@glummy (193)
January 9, 2007 3:06pm CST
I'm now actually glued to an arcade game an a recreational establishment. Drummania is an drum-simulation arcade machine that is manufactured by gaming company, Konami. At first, I was far from trying the game. I was too hesitant to pick up the drumsticks and hit the pads since I never played drums. I play the guitar, but drums? Oh. So when I finally had the guts to try the machine, I felt like I was melting when at the middle of my playing, the screen showed a "Stage Failed" notice. And yes, it showed "Game Over" on the screen after. I felt like I should be hiding under where I am standing. Just imagine me playing without any ideas of what to hit. Yes, there are guides with matching color codes of what to hit (like, yellow if you have to hit the snare, red for low tom, green for high tom, blue for cymbals and high hat, and a symbol of a right foot for the bass) but I couldn't figure it yet that time. I really don't know how to hit the pads with the right timing. I looked like an idiot in front of the machine. It felt really stupid. But that was then. I tried and tried until I eventually learned to use the "auto-bass" mode, wherein you can play the game without having to hit on the bass--so as not to be confused while playing, since I am still a beginner. After I've learned of the timing in hitting the pads, I felt that I should be buying my own drum sticks so as to make playing easier. The default sticks attached to the machine are heavier and cause distractions and uneasiness while playing. I always bring along my sticks, even when I go to school. Most people think that I play the drums. Yep, they thought that I'm a drummer. They don't have any idea that I only use my sticks for playing the arcade game. Now, I'm only somewhat advanced to that of a beginner player of drummania. My passion in playing such game somewhat fades, but I still find time to drop over the recreational establishment and hit some pads. I really enjoy it. You might want to try it as well.
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@kenchobi (147)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
I also love playing drummania. I also brought my own sticks while playing the game because the default sticks in our arcade is quite heavy. I also considered this game as an exercise. I always bring an extra shirt because after playing drummania, I always sweat like a pig. It's really a fun game and very addictive especially the songs.