Chameleon Christine... uhh...

@chrisie (207)
United States
January 9, 2007 3:48pm CST
:) Haha, I think I spelled that wrong.. but you get the idea, yeah? I left Alaska to experience something new, and in search of that.. I ended up in Los Angeles. Wow. WHAT a change for such a small town kid. I loved it for the first month that I was here, hated it for the next three months, and now that I'm back from vacation in Alaska, I am LOVING it again. I realized going back home how small and secluded life is, and how closed minded people were. I now feel that I can handle the rude people, crazy traffic, and obnoxious cement everywhere.. because at least this place offers a serenity of a different kind. Does that make sense? Probably not.. I usually don't, BUT.. alas! I'm falling in love with California.. not LA so much, but the southern part of this state is pretty amazing! ANNNND you can't beat NOT being in 1 degree weather and FEET of snow during the winter time!!!
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