the killers are fu

January 9, 2007 6:48pm CST
have you heared the new album?? yeah, its great!!! my favorite song is bones, whats the yours??
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• Canada
22 Jan 07
I got this CD the day it came out and I described it as epic, grandious, and massive and I've read all those words in reviews later posted by big names. The album is theatrical, like My Chemical Romance, but without the intention of making it an actual production. This album is fantastic from front to back. The only songs I don't particularily like are Uncle Jonny and My List. But even those are better than most songs out. Did you know "Why Do I Keep Counting" is about his fear of flying? Just a neat little fact
• Mexico
3 Jan 08
i didnt knew about that of why do i keep counting... now the killers have a new album, im going to get it!
• India
10 Jan 07
Yes , the killers are amazing and their new album is great as well . I like both their albums equally . I think my favourite song from Sam's Town is This River Is Wild . Its awesome . But it was Mr. Brightside which made me hooked to the band ..
• Mexico
10 Jan 07
yes, i also like the song "somebody told me" of thei past album. it rocks!!!
@Jacklunn (25)
7 May 07
There isnt a song by the killers i dont like :)
• United States
17 Jan 07
My favorite song is sams town it is a perfect blend of everything you want in a song. But, I think the whole album is awesome, and most albums are not like that. Thusly, I give at 5 thumbs up out of 4.
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
i like the son,'for reasons unknown'!
@smuggeridge (2157)
10 Jan 07
I was a little disappointed. i thought their first album was good, but this album doesn't seem to have taken them forward very much. A lot of the songs are a very similar. There are a few good songs on the album, in particular Bones and Uncle Jonny but overall i think they could have done better
• United States
10 Jan 07
Yes. I love the killers. The new album is very good. It definitely had a different feel than the first one. I loved When We Were Young the first second I heard it... and I had to hear the rest of the new cd! They are amazing. I did, however, adore the first album, and I am glad that they had a follow up so soon... I was so afraid that they would be one of those bands that only popped up once in awhile when they had a catchy tune, but I definitely think the Killers will be around for awhile and have some good hits.