How intelligent are mylot users?

January 9, 2007 7:07pm CST
I'm a 3-week member of mylot. I have been reading and making discussions for these past 3 weeks. I've made some discussions that are not worth people's time but i've also made a few that I know would cause a debate. In debates, would you make a response without even thinking? I'm only in college so I don't tend to match the intelligence of other's more capable than me. But, some here doesn't THINK. They just respond to what they have read. As written in the terms of mylot. Read The Whole Discussion BEFORE even thinking of posting a response. Are you the ONE that i'm referring to?. LOL! This is for everyone who uses mylot. Think outside the box before answering anything. Not everything is written. Think.
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@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
I don't know, ummm, well... I think... that, ummm. I'm sorry, I developed a massive headache trying to read through coffeechat's response... ummm...
@creationhub (3070)
• Malaysia
12 Jan 07
Only thing I can say is that MyLot members as as intelligent as each other. The difference is that each one has a different set of thought patterns and behave differently. That's why we are all here. To help each other to find solutions in life in a shorter measure. Each time you respond or post, have the thought within you that what is written will benefit some members far across the globe.
@coffeechat (1961)
• New Zealand
12 Jan 07
MyLot is a global community. Like all communities, a range of views exists - whether trivial or sublime, well reasoned or reactive, balanced or extreme, humble or egotistical. In other words, MyLot reflects the human condition. I am delighted that technology and innovation made it possible for every view to be aired, every voice to be heard uncensored. That alone makes more sense for democratic principles than funding covert operations, invading countries, replacing goverments and hanging people. MyLot has some reasonable terms and conditions that are meant to keep discussions civilized, topical and of value to the other users. Like in all communities, there will be a diversity of community views, judgements, observations and competence. That is what makes MyLot delightful. I sometimes get a good laugh from some of the responses. Their views may trigger a range of emotions or thoughts. In my view, the person who did take the trouble to express the viewpoint - regardless of whether (s)he considered the whole picture is irrelevant. Let me share a story: Three blind (wo)men were take to "see" and elephant. The first one, on touching the tail declared "An elephant is like a bottle brush. It is a long and flexible stick with bristles on one end". The second one after running his/her hands up and down the trunk declared "An elephant is like a pipe with two wet holes at the end". The third after letting his/her hands roam over the legs said "Naw! An elephant is like a pillar". All of us "seeing" people know what an elephant looks like and could allow ourselves become smug by the narrow perspective of each of the blind persons in the story. WHO IS RIGHT? Like you, I am a newbie and I particularly like the MyLot feature where "cut and paste" is not allowed for newbie posts. This certainly forces thinking and helps people be original, at least in the first instance. I would recommend that rather than becoming smug, we try to see that everthing is a "part" of a "whole" and thank MyLot and the thousands of MyLot users who help the world be a better place. Welcome to MyLot!