the best sidney sheldon novel

January 9, 2007 9:28pm CST
i think sidney sheldon is really a great mystery-romance-suspense author. i like his styleand have read pretty much of his books but what i like most is his first novel, the other side of midnight. it really sweeps me off as i read it. i also like the rage of angels and because of jennifer parker, i suddenly want to take up law school!lol!
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@shalwani (760)
• Pakistan
14 Feb 07
i almost ended mylife last year because i was in a bad accident,the doc said i had only 20% of possiblity i cld make it depends on my will to mom and mygirlfriend cried till it makes my heart ache..they visit me everyday till late night,on the second day my girlfriend brought a book "if tomorrow comes" and begin to read it to me every night..she tried her best to make it as interesting to a person unconcious..i managed to wake up after the six day and the first thing i asked her is how did Tracy Whitney outwitted the girlfriend brust in tears..and i thank you Mr.Sydney Sheldon...
@leanette (3004)
• India
10 Jan 07
Yes i have read that book and i am a great SS fan! :D And i would say i have liked all his books that i have read. Everything in the book feels so real while you'reading it! And the bestest part about his books are the female protagonists. Whenever i read his book i feel like am one of the characters. I love his style..but sometimes i get confused and wouldn't remember the many number of characters he used to introduce...:))..but would remeber them in the end. :)