life is beautiful

@shaeen (413)
January 9, 2007 11:59pm CST
life a sunflower that shows its face to the sunlight begins like sunshine,spreading smile... in many a faces, which glows like a daisy; spreadingsweet smells like the rose, life is a flower;it blooms and rests. life is a candle that spreads lights for a while and then it finishes but some remain as memories.. which is obtained by the good deeds donee in out time ... to share so much joy and happiness and sorrows ...... a life is spent with others .... life is wonderful with our world of peace.......... and kindness........... and love for all,of god high above us...see the stars that..twinkle upon us ,and the sun that smilies at us .. fear go and life will be sweet as honey .. love all as god loves you,see the smile in your .. neighbours and share it ,life will be as good as it is, share everything with others spread a smile that will sooth many a hearts,for a smile is the begining of a beautiful life ..... wht are your views on this........respond?
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