United States
January 10, 2007 12:18am CST
Do you remember the first time you were drunk? I was 17 and tequila was my poison of choice. I remember yelling, getting slapped, passing out, and seeing a guy throw up in the bushes.
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• India
10 Jan 07
I have never been drunk...............
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@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
21 Feb 07
I was 15 the first time i got drunk also and it was weird because i drank a whole lot and it never hit me for about half an hour or so after. Suddenly i was impaired just out of the blue ... LMAO!! I was staggering, laughing, dizzy, you name it and i was it ... LOL!! I woke up the next day thankfully with hardly no hang over effects and thankfully i remember a majority of it ... LOL! I do however have alot of stories that involve being drunk and the slapping and drama that may also go with it!!!
@inked4life (4227)
• United States
23 Feb 07
I was at a friends 18th birthday party (I was still 17 at the time). I got really wasted and I remember laying on the ground in the middle of the high street and singing to a girl that I really liked "Hello...Is it me you're looking for?". Apparently it wasn't. I also woke up the next morning and had obvious difficulty getting my tie off as it was wrapped around my head like a bandana.