tribal self-role in grama sabha

January 10, 2007 2:18am CST
The Gram Sabha has been made the soul of the Panchayat Raj system in the Act. It has been made mandatory to hold Gram Sabha meetings at least once in three months, and in the event of the GP’s failure to do so, the executive officer has been authorized to convene it. A good number of functions have been entrusted to Gram Sabha, the most important being to take up review of the annual statement of accounts, report on administrative affairs and the developmental activities of the Panchayat. Keeping in view the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution, the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, 1993 provides for powers and functions of the GP, TP and ZPs in Schedules I, II and III respectively. This Act is progressive step in the decentralization of powers and functions. For example, Schedule I, meant for GP, contains 31 items (Section 58). Such a large number of powers have been allotted to the GP to ensure maximum decentralization and to maintain a balanced relationship among the three tiers.
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