Animation in india

January 10, 2007 3:47am CST
hey guys there if u live in india and you are an animation enthusiast,you would be aware of what is the state of animation in india Animation career is now booming to new heights and people are joining the stream more keenly . its now not the subjects that only children were interested in but nowadays computer based animation has become a job of adults,young and all the generations it has become a subjects of creativity ,patience and enthusiasm to all the animators ,who few yeares ago only watched the disney animations,tales spin and others and thougt "this is not our cu of tea" so guys lets start the discussion on What do you think of the boom ? is it any way going to help us ? is it ever going to m ake a darker mark in the world of animation? and finally how can we improve it so that i just attains the crown of animation
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