Festival for thanking Nature and Domestic Animals

January 10, 2007 4:51am CST
Is any body thank the Nature and their domestic Animals ? Is there people living in the world who are celebrating festival to them ? Answer is Yes : Where : In South India Name of the Festival : Pongal Festival The farmers celebrate PONGAL FESTIVAL in grand manner. They cook a sweet rice ( Pongal) in their land after the cultivation . They worship the nature ( The Sun and the clouds) for their help in their farming . Then , they distribute the sweet to their neighbours and the cildren will taste the sugarcane . The next day , the People will take care of their cows and bullocks and helped them to take Bath . Then they brought these animals are decorated and brought to their land . THey are feed by the sweet after worshipping . By these way , the farmers show their Thankfulness to their domestic animals by recognizing their work and help. What a Great Culture !!!! Thanks and Regards , MUNA
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