January 10, 2007 5:00am CST
what have you seen or heard about saddam hussein's body was mutilated after being hung...i think it is terrible anyway
3 responses
@urzicutza (1973)
• Romania
10 Jan 07
well i dont care about him !i sow a report about him and it was like this he was killing people and after that he was sending the body's to there families and asking for the money from the bullets!how owfull is that?
@perugu (5281)
• India
10 Jan 07
hi,i saw in television,whatever might be done against to a section of people,it is very bad,the way they humiliated when hanging...shouting his enemy name ...abusing like'you are going to hell'.......
@Opteron (1845)
• Italy
10 Jan 07
no, I have seen only his body hang and then put in a bag. It's disgusting...anyway I don't have any pity vs him because he was a dictator and he was the cause for thousand innocent people dying. Stop crying about saddam hussein. He was evil and he was punished in a bad way.