Harrassment Case! Please Advice..Urgent

@swatig (1187)
January 10, 2007 7:06am CST
Im talking about my very near friend who is harrassing by its own people, by close one of his family. As he is unable to communicate and close friend of his family to whom I also know, make the predetermind plan with the involvement of others. Whenever he come to their office, they compelled him to do certain tasks in predetermined ways so that they take advantage of his doing at free of cost, the other people which not known to this secret, have very surprise feeling, when he is doing as he is taking risk of his own life, even i see the same. As per the saying of my friend, the so called friend who is doing all this, already told him about the plan but that time, he simply refuse by saying he dont believe in doing all this. His believe in its own karma with the fact that he is eplipsy patent from very long time. he want to stand in its own. If anybody has dare to help him, come straight and help him as I know who is responsible for his condition is also reading this. His family is aware of this but can't able to do much help to him. His friends too in dilemma whether they help him or not. Im the only person to whom he talk fully as tody, he want to die but becoz of my effort, he is living his life as his hopes are vanish day by day. God knows who are going to benefit by harrasing mentally anyperson. I must tell you that God is counting your bad deed so its better if you behave as the person, not like devil becasue I know how to protect my friend. Even I have to make myself devil, Im ready, to eliminate all those people who ae responsible for these doing. So its better if you behave like what you are othrewise there is no one who protect you from your bad deeds. Please advice what should I do to protect and make him to stand himself. As he is searching for job, coz inspite of his disease, he completed his studies, now he want any suitable job or work so that he can be financially independent. he is pg in computers, know linux, nt and related languages like php and somerelated things. Can I should go to cops and narrate the whole story or give more time til he is financial independent. I appreciate your sincere advice.
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