marriage and divorce

January 10, 2007 7:12am CST
Now a days marriages are breaking more frequently due to the non compatability of the spouses. The reason may be that both are financially independent, both have their independent life style and working hours. When one is in the house the other is working and vice versa. The spouses hardly find time to talk to each other in person as the conversations are mainly over phones as though they are in different locations geographically. Can anyone suggest ways and means to salvage the marriages that are breaking and retain the relationships. I am from India where the relationships are more sacred and therefore I am afraid that divorces that are increasing day by day would spoil the sanctity of marriage that was all this while maintained.
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@jesi06 (279)
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10 Jan 07
I believe much of this to be true as well. Marriages seem to be breaking apart more and more and I believe it is just as you have said, both are independant...sometimes even too much (although of course many will disagree) Where we once had families working together for one goal we now have to have both parties work to survive. This leads many to see co-workers moreso than their own families. We are so "run down" from the workweek that often times days off turn into days of rest if we are lucky, if not they are days we spend playing "catch up" on all of the work we left go all week(laundry, cleaning,etc) instead of days of fun. We need to take the time and sit down to meals at home together and talk, designate a day of the weekend just for "family time" If you have children, have 1 night maybe every month or two to "date" your spouse. Go out to a nice dinner, maybe dancing, whatever the 2 of you enjoy. The problem is, families are drifting apart and if it is not caught soon enough, they usually end. My advice: when both work, both should chip in on the home life as well. If you learn to work together on these things you are not only going to get them done faster, but you are also spending time together. As they say it is not the quantity of time spent with those you love, it is the quality.