Is it just me, or do kids nowadays act too 'grown'?

January 10, 2007 8:54am CST
I remember what I was doing in the 5th grade. I was playing with Barbies, riding my bike and playing tag and basketball, jumprope and dancing with my friends OUTSIDE. We had Nintendo, but a was a big competition (next player plays the winner), but after an hour or so, we were bored and WANTED to go outside. We also wore the cute pants with the zipper and bow behind the ankle, skirts with leggings attached. Big bangs, stuck with hairspray, wearing Keds shoes, and Espirit bookbags. Now, kids are wearing hip huggers, belly showing shirts that say 'What if, Sexy, Juicy, Baby Girl' or whatever, trying to keep up with the celebrities with the name brand clothing and shoes I was surprised to hear a kid the other day looking at shoes saying 'These are only 80bucks? That's cheap! (I could use that 80 bucks to pay a bill), and what's up with playing outside? Now kids want to sit in front of the TV playing too mature violent games, on PS3 and XBox360, thinking they are too good to play outside. They don't play with action figures. Get this? My 5th grader son wants to wear COLOGNE and make sure he looks 'good for the girls'. Has to match his attire from head to toe, no wrinkles, brushes his eyebrows, and loses it when he has a pimple! Kids are into grown folks conversations, having grown-like conversations they SHOULDN'T be having, wants cell phones....I could go on...but what were YOU doing in fifth grade, and what's up with the kids now days???
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@patrice7 (1192)
• United States
10 Jan 07
yeah me too!. i think kids nowadays are too grown up for their age.. when i was in 5th grade i ddnt even care about crushes yet. all i had in my mind were the games were gonna play, how im gonna win. computer back then was something 'too grown up' so we kids go out play along the sidewalks, play tag, hide and seek and other physical games. kids now are hoooked in computers and video games. my couzins 10 nd 7 and even my 5 year old cousins are having crushes and boyfriends and they know about kisses and relationships and the lives of the stars. whew. kids nowadays are so conscious of how they look. maybe its because of the media.. kids are exposed to televisions, computers and radios which influences them..
@BigBenas (944)
• Lithuania
10 Jan 07
Yes i think it is just you :D . There are people (grown) who acts like bigshow , but they just are nothing ;) . And there is some kids act the same i don;t like that kind of people . so what can i say more just have a nice none rainy day and goodbye.