do you consider yourself a low-key type of person

United States
January 10, 2007 10:07am CST
do you find yourself more liking to be alone and off the set i mean not liking to be around crowds my husband is like that. do you find being this way cuts down on a lot of people unneccessarily getting in your business and causing you hardship.
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10 Jan 07
Yes I am a behind the scenes kind of guy. But I also suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder so I am not good in cowds. I would love nothing more than to live a decient life in obscurity, I do not want people around mee, and I do not need people around mee. Hence the username... mee and not you. I am friendly, curtous, and jovial but I don't want people to crowd mee, thus the community setting of this forum is an excelent out reach for mee since i can be around people and not feel crowded. I like people, I like to talk, I like to joke... I just do not like bodies around mee. Thank you for a good discussion and have a great day!!
@Muslimah (811)
• United States
16 Jan 07
As salamu alaikum ... yeh i think im low key. i dont like going out and the people i socialize with dont know much about me. I hate when women talk too much and pry into your buisness so i stay away from it. Take care.
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