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January 10, 2007 10:19am CST internal martial arts: Before there was "anything" it would be logical to assume that there was "nothing" So we study the Yin side of balance. Yin represents.... "The Void of existence" and the caring, nurturing "female" side of balance.Which is also the thought process one would concentrate on in "Wu Chi"...which is basically a standing medetation. What does this mean to you: "to study" the "nothing" of existence...? Do you think it makes "sense"? thanx Dissposition
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@rainbow (6763)
10 Jan 07
nothing to it really, lol There must have been something, even if it was a sneeze or how could there have been anything to start building on, maybe the creator called his dog nothing at she sneezed, but then where did the creator come from, or her dog? Of course creators nd gods are different things, gods are made by man and the creator was apparently just there, although how is unclear. Does that make sense? The road to inner peace and understanding difficult is.