COURSE: what would you like to be??

@oinkgiz (865)
January 10, 2007 11:24am CST
**POST WHAT YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW-UP?YOUR AMBITIONS?DREAMS?And WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE?? this is my history why i ended up in my course TOURISM -- before i want to be a cook/culinary WHY?? mom is a good cook and also my gradma coz shes a cook ever -- but when i grow much older i decide to change it, coz cooking is not my not a good cook but im a good eater...lolz..i love to eat...then decide to be a painter/artist coz my family loves art and i have a uncle whose an architect in Thailand and a brother whose very good artist...and i love to draw too and i can draw when im in the mood...lolz -- but i change my mind...i decide not to pursue it coz its not my passion and im being compared with my kuya...then when im in grade5 decide to be a NUN...lolz....yah thats true...on that time im really decide to pursue it, i enjoy attending mass before going to school almost everyday every 6:00am...i have a close nun friend before. -- but i change my mind after i told my parents bout it and being pressured to pursue it and found out that i have a uncle and aunt that has the same calling in serving God...**as of now im waitin for the sign if i have to pursue this or not, im not kidding Wink sign..sign..where r u?!lolz** then i decide to take the course HRM coz i want to have and manage my own resto or hotel in the future.. -- i change again to take the course comsci(computerscience) coz computer on that time was so indemand and so many job opening and im very much curious in computers -- but change again...i dont know y i change it...lolz...then i decide to take tourism why tourism??hmm....actually i really dont know...lolz...just kidding... i was fat before and i wear big clothes and everybody thought that im a bi coz i dont have a it became a challenge for me to prove that their it turn out good and i really prove them a gurl pala...hahaha.... so thats it....lolz....please share......... ^_^ *oink*
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
10 Jan 07
ther's no problrm with changing your mind. I mean I am taking a photo class but I might change my mind about that later on once i am finished and study for something else.
@oinkgiz (865)
• Singapore
11 Jan 07
yah...i agree..theres nothing wrong with changing your mind about your course to long as you like it and you know that you can finish it and thats your interest so go for it...