Does anyone know any films that are like City of God?

@hasseyg (313)
January 10, 2007 11:48am CST
I really enjoyed it and I cant seem to find any films as good to it, does anybody Know any?
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@mflo589 (28)
• United States
12 Apr 07
I know that this post was made a while ago, but the director also did The Constant Gardener, which isn't really that similar to this film, which is easily one of my all time favorite, and the reason why I really can't stand most American films, but if you enjoy his directing style you'll most likely enjoy The Constant Gardener, check it out!
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• Canada
28 Jan 07
I'd reccommend the movie "Tsotsi" for you to watch. It takes place in Africa and is a story in a similar vein as City of God. I relly enjoyed it.
• Dallas, Texas
26 Jan 07
Blood in, Blood out
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• United States
10 Jan 07
Have you ever seen Blow???
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@EMZo03 (213)
8 Jan 08
Ahh tht movie is so good
@emckee (465)
• United States
29 May 07
Bus 147 or Bus 174??? I always get the number part screwed up but, it has EVERYTHING to do with Rio De Janero, Rio's politics, Rio's lost children, circumstances of neglecting the youth of the world and it is a true story, documentary style. A MUST SEE. After I saw the "City of God", I too sought out movies that would match such truth and sensitivity. I LOVE THE CITY OF GOD! A most excellent movie!
@lucgeta (925)
• France
10 May 07
A Starry Sky is another Brazilian movie worth to watch, all the action pass inside a house and tells the story of a boy that doesn't want to his girlfriend to live country or himself
@lucgeta (925)
• France
10 May 07
Layer Cake is a british movie in the same vein but it is ot in the slums or about poor people You will enjoy the similitudes and related characters in such different environments
@gugabape (164)
• Brazil
6 Mar 07
Carandiru is a great movie. Firtly to the people who say this movie is boring (yeah it's long but gripping every step of the way) or like City of God (they were both shot in Brazil - similarity ends) I desagree with you. Carandiru is the name of the Prison in Sao Paulo. Overcrowded by 2500 inmates life is tough not to mention cramped. Told from the point of view of the Prison doctor Carandiru chronicles the life inside with brief incites into the lives of individual prisoners. Disster occurs when 111 inmates are shot in a bloodbath following a riot. The killers are the Riot Squad, sent in to quell the disruption. The story is one sided as it tells it only from the Doctor's version of events (mainly aided by the Prisoners he dealt with). Don't take it as fact, it's a film after all. But do take it as a harsh tale of the way inmates in Carandiru felt their life in their home was destroyed on that day. I doubt any film can come close to this. It benefits hugely from it's lack of stars. Many characters are portrayed and all contribute to the film equally. I highly recommend Carandiru to any potential viewer. It has it all comedy, realism, touching humanity, action, name it there is an element of it Carandiru. Simply marvelous.
• United States
7 Feb 07
City of Men, Crandiru also great movies!!!