What do you think of women Pastors, Ministers ?

United States
October 2, 2006 12:31pm CST
Do God use women ? State your opinions or give reference from the Bible stating this fact. Discussion is open.
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@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
21 Nov 06
God uses women in various ways, but I don't think they are supposed to be senior ministers. I forget where and can't find it at the moment, but there is a verse that says women should not be pastors, but teachers and youth minister types. I do know a woman pastor and it was harder for me to go to her for help than to my two male pastors.
• United States
21 Nov 06
Whose to say whom God calls, I believe God is using women, because a lot of men will not take their rightful place. God will get His word out even if He has to use women. May God bless you and this is only my beliefs.
@CMC122003 (316)
• United States
16 Nov 06
My mother is a minister. And it's been hard for her. But she is amazing. And her reputation is remarkable. So yes if God calls you to the ministry it doesn't matter if your man or woman. This topic just recently came up at our church. We got a new associate minister. And the committee wasn't even looking at any woman because they felt the church needed a man. Well my mother talked to them and we ended up getting an amazing woman to come to our church and be our associate. And everyone even the ones who wanted a man love her.
@vipul20044 (5798)
• India
12 Oct 06
WEll it aint god intervening something in favour of women but yes! Behind every successful man is a women Women can do the same things as men can they can be powerful, ministers as well as pastors!