every once in a while a classic comes along

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January 10, 2007 1:16pm CST
and the crow is one of those movies. The sequels just f*cking suck, nothing holds a candle to the original. I really can't explain why it just has "it". Great writing, great scenes, great story, great acting, it's just an amazing movie.
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21 Apr 09
I was absolutely blown away by The Crow when I saw it in the theater. Knowing that the movie was Brandon Lee's swan song added something to the movie. If I had to go before my time, I would love to leave a haunting piece of art like that behind when I went. As far as continuing the Crow saga, I suggest that they do what they did with another great original movie that got desecrated by terrible sequels - Batman. The producers should back up and do another Crow movie in the spirit of the original, capturing all the things that made the first movie so amazing. Otherwise they should just leave it alone. No more cruddy sequels please!
@freak369 (5024)
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16 Feb 07
The Crow - Eric Draven and Shelly Webster were engaged to be married on October 31, instead they were brutally murdered the night before. One year later, the Crow brings Eric's soul back to seek vengeance and earn his eternal rest.
The sequels should have never been made, to me it totally disrespected the memory of Brandon Lee. I had the chance to see it several times when it was playing on its original release and seeing it on the big screen was a complete thrill. The sequels just go to prove that money motivates those without any conscious.
@tohot666 (300)
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11 Jan 07
yeah it is a good movie
@ArsonCuff (3121)
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10 Jan 07
The original Crow is great because it is laced with a passion that you can feel when viewing it...not just the tragic tale of Brandon Lee dying while making it, but also the true drama that inspired the comic book writer to create the character and scenarios in the first place...true the movie was not an exact adaptation however they found a new director in Alex P. who was destined to be a good director and it all just came together well. As for the sequels...well they are as cheap and dumb and part of the issue is the Crow is a simple sort of revenge concept and you can really only capture that passion once in the same medium like that with the same sort of set-up...in order to be better the sequels need to find an original voice and still appeal to fans...the 2nd one failed t do that..was just a run-of-the-mill rehash of the first with different victims, yet bad guys that were basically the same only a bit more gay. The thrid film is the best of the sequels do to the little electric chair twist and all and really was an "okay" film as far as crap goes...the fourth one Wicked Prayer is one of the worst acted and worst movies I have ever seen. I think the Crow series still has some life left in it..I myself aspire to write a continuation..there is a lot of good material in the Crow book series and things inspired by it, they just need to bring that to a good screenplay now.