This girl who sits next to me never stops TALKING?

January 10, 2007 1:36pm CST
In my history class, there is a girl who sits beside me and she never stops talking! She tells me everything... as in EVERYTHING. About her relationship problems, her parents, her friends... it is so wierd because I do not even know this girl that well. She just tells me everthing. She can go over 10 minutes without stopping. And the worst part is, is that at the end, she will ask me a question like what I think about it or what she should do. She is one of those girls who talks like, omg like like like, you know like, so like yeah, like and you know what I mean right? Because like, ya know like talking this and like yeah, like ya know. I find it hard to concentrate on my work with her talking all the time, and I do not want to tell her to stop because I would seem like a jerk, and telling a girl to stop talking when she is talking, is NOT allowed. LOL This girl is really driving me insane!
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31 Jan 07
I feel so sorry for you. Can't you sit somewhere far from you? I think you should. Ask the professor nicely and secretly. This is going to affect your studies pretty soon. Or next time she talks to you look like you're sad or something so she doesn't start blabbing away.