how important the bible is?

January 10, 2007 2:24pm CST
well for some time i neglect to read the bible maybe its just a waste of time, but time comes there are alot of questions unaswered in my mind. i thought of finding answers in so much bulky boring books piled up into my desk, then i realized maybe the bible has the answers to my questions. i opened it... then... tada... i still haven't found the answer. I just can't understand what it says. But when i try to read it with all my heart, suddenly i started to understand slowly what it was saying. It is not just an ordinary book, it is a book full of wisdom, rich in comforting and encouraging words that light up a dark and winding road of life, and most of all it as a life changing book! what a goodnews for us that there is a book that is just waiting for us to read it!
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10 Jan 07
The bible is the one place I look for comfort -- in times of need, I can feel a certain stength just by reading a few words -- it seems so reassuring! And I believe in it, which I think is the most important thing -- everyone should have a little faith, no matter what it's in, and I'm not one to ram my religion down other people's throats -- it's not up to me where people lay their emotions, is it?
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10 Jan 07
None i don't like it and i think it is like a scamb don't you think so too ? I just think that makes people mutch ahppyer that is the best thing of it .But somethims why he is in heaven and why doesn't he goes on earth and prove his existation :S . So what can isay more just have a good beutifull day and goodbye.