What possessions do you cherished most?

January 10, 2007 10:52pm CST
I never liked watching horror films. I hate the idea and it gives me the creeps that i might end up being the possessed after seeing the movie. Years ago,My husband,Jon rented Linda Blair's The Exorcist. Although at the start they showed how the movie was made,effects and all,but once the "finished product" was already showing, suddenly all seemed real. So real, that i asked Jon to stop the video because I felt as if my own head would start twisting. For sure these kinds of films are meant to entertain or maybe document events (like the case of Emily Rose) but for me,let me just have David Blane.But then again I realized that possession doesn't just mean being devoured literally by the devil. Like I can possessed by material things of this world. I remember how attatched I was to my former job that I would bring home work almost every day, not minding what my family would have for dinner.Oh! How I loved buying new things for myself shoes, bags, clothes...name it. I must admit I still pray about these things, but with GOD's mercy He will continuously cast out these "demons"from my everyday life.
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@Kackie3 (345)
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17 Jan 07
Some of those things, you mention aren't possessions, as much as they are obsessions. I, myself tend to be possessive of my family and the things I own. Because they are mine.