Would u dump a girl/guy your parents didn't approve off?

January 10, 2007 11:30pm CST
i would not do that. i know what is right and wrong. our parents is just there to support us. please response to this!
2 responses
• Canada
11 Jan 07
I would never dump a guy just because my parents didn't approve of him. It's not up to them who I date, it's up to me, and me alone. As long as he's good to me, that's all that should matter. They should be happy.
• Australia
11 Jan 07
No i wouldnt dump a guy if my parents didnt approve. If you truly have feelings for someone that you think you may have a future with you have to go with your heart. In the end it is your future we are talking about, i dont like to say this but our parents arent always going to be their for us. They chose their partner(being your dad/mum ect) and are living their life. Now it is your turn, to determine who is right or wrong for you and learn by your mistakes and create your future. Most parents eventually come round anyway when they see you are happy :)