Is America against Terrorism or ISLAM?

January 11, 2007 1:17am CST
USA Offensive acts can be judged very clearly by what happened in Iraq,Afghanistan and now they are rearing against Iran : all Islamic countries.If its war against Terrorism then Y dnt they take acTions against ISRIEL ? Cant they see whats hapening in Kashmir? is it Greed for oil which Bring USA to Iraq? or Usa is Afraid of Muslims as an emerging Power?
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@coffeechat (1961)
• New Zealand
13 Jan 07
The USA has also taken a position regarding North Korea. NK is a totalitarian state.The US has taken agressive roles in various scenarios ie. Chile, Haiti, Nicaragua only to name a few. For people fed on a diet of diatribe and hate from a self serving clergy it could look like there is a common anti-Islam thread in American Foreign Policy. In my assessment, it is more of Economics and Political Strategy that drives their foreign policy than as you suggest some anti-Islamic thinking. While I am not in concurrence with America's foreign policy in a number of instances, it looks unlikely that America, the most powerful nation on earth is influenced by theophobia than more practical considerations, as you suggest. I think this sort of chest thumping (USA is Afraid of Muslims as an emerging Power - sic) is best left to adoloscent school boys or fundamentalist clerics.
• Pakistan
13 Jan 07
IUI have been seeing you are a think tank in soem topics but in my if you read carefully i did a comparison of USA's acts against different nation in which i asked y USA didn't take action aginst Israil for wat they did in Lebnon..Killing innocent children and women.I f you watch the Real Media who gives true information you will find that i am right.. Usa is giving more war tech to india,hwever She knows Indian's are also killing innocent people for last 40 years? nWhere are USA policies for such terrorist acts?