Distorted Concept (LOVE)

January 11, 2007 2:11am CST
Is love a distorted concept? In this mordern age, in which men has turned more and more to perishable earthly things, when they have fettered themselves to them and thereby neglected their Spirit, their spiritual capacity to comprehend diminished. The forming of right concepts became increasingly difficult, as they could no longer be grasped spiritualy. The concept of Love is today but a caricature of that ideal Love which Christ taught men, that Love which helps and supports, and does only what is of spiritual benefit to the other, even if it be with severity. This ideal Love has become a love of weakness, softness and indulgence, which out of sheer wrong consideration no longer pay attention to the real goal, Spiritual Advancement, and does only what pleases the other. It is just in the relationships between humans that genuine LOVE is of fundamental importance. Please let me know what you think or give your opinion.
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