"Being Nobody"

@vaivhav (355)
January 11, 2007 2:23am CST
As a person approaches adulthood, he is in a state of mind where good and bad have a very optimising chance of intermixing with each other. The cerebral matter in our brain is very much confused as to what is socially and religion wise correct. Being adult for the first time is confusing, fot the only thing out intution teaches us is to live by the moment, like there aint any tomorrow. The result of this unexplainable phenomenon brings us to a position where we are left as nobody in this hugely overcrowded population of ours. Our life changes its goal oriented path to a path where our future is in utter disturbance. Our affinity towards alcohol, drugs, nicotine is so momentous that we are propelled to try these unharmonic offerings of the devil. The lesson to be learnt is a hard task which normal human souls like mine fail to grasp. But as the saying goes "its never too late", we always get another chance to prove our worth to the world. So the only consequence is that we either come out from the dark waters of hell as a new person, or we are so mentally weak that we cannot even figure out the simple truth of life.
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