If we go for doing some good, some bad really happens to us!!! do you agree

January 11, 2007 2:24am CST
I loved to wear spects and I have ordered a special model spects for myself eventhough I dont have any sight or headache. I bought it so that I can wear it when I'm using my P.C. Then one evening I was wearing those spects and was walking down in the shopping area, then suddenly from right beside me one vehicle was going, and the vehicle carried a old person. From that vehicle, they were some things tied up at the back of the vehicle, they fell down. So, I thought since he is a very old man, why cant I help him?So, I just bowed down to lift those things and to my forturne my spects skipped and they were broken. Then!!!! I was gone mad--aareey whats this i'm going to do some good and something bad has happend to me in return. That day I was really irritated. Do you agree that especially these days, if we are helping somebody, we are put at loss.
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