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@Tangmo (54)
January 11, 2007 3:17am CST
If you are new at making money online, there will be no shortage of advice available to you if you are seeking help. The problem however, is that you really do not know who to trust, or who is actually providing you with accurate information, or just throwing statistics at you to make you pay their membership fee or subscription money to sign up. Please suggest to me any other programs that you are aware of that are reputable, that do not require a monthly subscription to make money. I am not interested in anything that makes you pimp out your friends for cash, or email everyone you know to buy the new pill or juice. I would like to find something else like this that can offer a similar opportunity like myLot. Please let me know. I plan on being very active here also, but it would be interesting to see what else is out there that is working. I am loyal to your referral link, and I if I decide to do something with my time, I have the determination to make it work. I have made money in other programs, and I also make money from advertising on my Blog, and other affiliate programs like the one in my profile. Thanks in advance. If you need someone dedicated in your down-line, I am that guy. let me know whats working for you....
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@cipher2004 (1183)
• United States
14 Jan 07
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