The fate of Bangkok

January 11, 2007 3:41am CST
2006 has been a not so good year for Bangkok, the capital of the Siam country. Protest against ousted PM was all over the street of the metropolis, if that's not too exaggerated. Until a coup shocked the whole nation, as well as the entire world. The PM was in NY then to attent a meeting in UN headquarter. Didnt had a chance to return to his country, Thailand. For a time, a military leader held the office for a while untill they appointed a new civilian PM. Things was still uncertain for Thailand's new constitution is expected to be done late this year yet. Investors started to think twice regarding the real score on this once knew as ASEANS investment destination. Thailand's economy even got weaker inspite of the strong thai bath, due to Investors turning back perhaps. The scenario got even worse as 7 bombs rocked the capital on new years eve. The new year countdown was even canceled for civilian's security. Ouch, what a deprivation on Bangkoker's part. With what have all happened, things are gonna be not so good in Thailand this year. Damn those bombings! Economic indicators continue to show negative faces. The revision of investment policies even turned investors off of Thailand. Investors ownership of Thai entity could not reach 50% now, should the parliament approve the said change. ................................... Has the coup gave a positive effect on Thailand? Was it a right descision to oust the PM Takshin? Will this revision of economic policy help Thailand's economy recover? With all of these, only the future can predict THE FATE OF BANGKOK.
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