peace is caused by difference

January 11, 2007 3:41am CST
can you imagine that there's no difference in way of life, point of view, faith, believes, rules, etc ? then there will be no "peace" ... i hope everyone understand that statements ... is there any opinion/comment about that title above ?
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@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
Peace presupposes turmoil and restlessness. Conditions that were created by differences. No two individuals are identical and this difference causes friction which is the antithesis of peace. Following the logic of reasoning, peace is the result of harmony. Having said that, peace is not the absence or turmoil but the ability to go over it. Viewed from global perspective, differences are even magnified to the -nth power, but peaceful co-existence is still possible. After all peace and uniformity are two different matters.
• Indonesia
15 Jan 07
as ussual, your english amazed me, manong =) ... does peace a post condition or pre condition ? if every individual are identical, then there are no peace, neither does war / conflict / turmoil / restlessness ... it's just all empty ... but i like your point of view ... i really appreciate it =)
@yorgaki (678)
• Romania
14 Jan 07
I don't understand you at all. Peace is between people that have the same level of beliefs, point of view, or between the people that respect the friendship and the peace itself even despite the differences between their cultures, history, nations.
• Indonesia
15 Jan 07
yorgaki, it's more like a philosophic statement. Im imagining that if there were no difference, then people won't bother to create the 'peace' word ... because that's a condition of harmoni, which could only happends if there are difference... (without difference there will be no harmoni)