Blame the lack of quality on the power outage

January 11, 2007 3:59am CST
Well, I had an entire post that I'd worked on but I'd only managed to save half of it before we had a blackout and I lost the rest of it. Yesterday there was a comment from a reader about how the people at Rite Aid are getting paid to work on the holidays so why bother telling them "Thank you," for being open on Xmas? It got me to thinking about all of the retail jobs that I'd worked in the past and how the holidays were never for ourselves but for those ungrateful as*holes we were supposed to be serving. Around Xmas time it always felt like those people who had never worked in retail or even shopped at a store other than the local grocery store would come out of the woodwork. All of them treated buying presents as some kind of chore rather than a fun experience where they picked out something to give to those people in their lives that they loved or cared about the most. I hated having to deal with the jerkwads with little lists in their hands. Those people who couldn't deal with hearing that something was out of stock. Rather than try and rub their only two braincells together to come up with something different or take a second to listen to the alternative suggestions that I was offering, I usually ended up getting yelled at for an issue that was out of my control. Working retail was also an exercise in time management juggling. Having to determine who would work on New Year's Eve and who would work on New Year's Day, trading Easters for Fourth of Julys. You take the morning shift so that I can sleep in and take the evening shift. Managers who would never go home out of fear that they'd be canned. (Gotta love upper management and how they hold employment over their managers' heads to get them to raise sales through any means necessary.) Right now I have a job where I am not returning to work until end of January. I'm paid for three days and am claiming PTO hours for the remaining amount of time. I don't have to deal with the general public unless I choose to do so and right now I'm not choosing to do so. I've been sitting on my a*s, going to the video store to stock up (8 movies watched in the last 48 hours) and swinging past the grocery store to pick up some of my Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I am practically swimming in my own laziness and loving it. You couldn't pay me to go back into retail. And if you did, you've have to offer me a hell of a lot more than minimum wage multiplied by a million.
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