Terrorism in our midst

January 11, 2007 4:09am CST
A triple bomb explosions rocked three major cities in Southern Mindanao in the Philippines (Kidapawan City, General Santos City, and Cotabato City) just as the leaders of ASEAN member-countries were starting to gather in Cebu, a city in Visayas. The Philippine government immediately said terror groups with links to Jemaah Islmiyah network is behind it, particularly it's tentacle in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. It is worth noting that the government and the MILF are still working on signing a final peace agreement through a formal peace negotiations, as their bid finally end the seemingly endless conflict in Mindanao. A day before the explosion, the country's top military man visited the island of Mindanao to assess the security of the region and to say that they "winning the battle against terrorism." What could be the repercussion of this incident to the ongoing peace negotiations? Who could be behind it? What could be its effect to the gathering of the leaders of the ASEAN countries?
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